What Could Possiblye Go Wrong?


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Luke Seymour
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Luke Seymour Everything... everything could possiblye go wrong. Favorite track: $12 Pints.
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released January 16, 2015

Brodown are Pat BroKenna, Lebro Lionheart and Josh Bro'Riley.

All songs written by Brodown. Definitely no copyright infringement here, I probably wouldn’t even bother looking if I were you.

Recorded by Danny Brickwell at Wonky Donkey Studios.
Mixed by Danny Brickwell.
Mastered by Jacob Munnery at Clockwork Audio Mastering.

Guest vocals on “Intro” and “Love at Centrelink” and guitar on “You Can’t Move into My State” by Danny Brickwell.
Guest sexophone on “Love at Centrelink” by Luke Seymoup.

Artwork by Rob Lisle/Spedsy.
Layout by Blimpage Design.

To learn more about the rules of Shotgun, visit shotgunrules.com or head to your local library.

Drop one shot of tequila into one pot of beer and apply directly to face. Have a bad time.


tags: punk Melbourne


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BRODOWN Melbourne, Australia

Remember that band you're about to love? Brodown do. Because they are that band.

Brodown also have fond memories of all the bands they loved – bands dead and gone, memories begging to be dug up and pissed all over. And boy, do Brodown achieve that.

Energy, passion and fun are what Brodown is made of. They rock short and hard, and then they go to Subway and get a Russian sub. You're invited.
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Track Name: Intro
Oh who could it be
With their new LP
Touring across the land
Is it your favourite band?
Could it be everything you’ve dreamed?
Ah fuck, it’s Brodown.
Track Name: Food Fight
Milk and kebabs all over the place
Two burritos been shoved in my face
Cannot tell you what started the feud
Nihilistic warfare, the weapon is food

There’s a food fight tonight
There’s a food fight all right

Beef and potatoes flying through the air
Oh shit, here comes gravy. It’s all through my hair
But there is one thing that we must all fear
It’s fight to the death, but now don’t spill the beer
Track Name: That Guy
Well he’s been telling the same joke for the last six years
Explains it every time to make the punchline clear
Can’t lend you twenty bucks when you need it the most
But still can afford to buy some smokes
On a long car trip after all the explaining
Pisses every five minutes, never stops complaining
And the soundtrack to this journey really sucks
'Cause he’ll never see a full song out.

‘Cause he’s That Guy
Gets drunk and hits on your girlfriend
Buys Skittles instead of M&M’s
Nobody wants to be That Guy
‘Cause he’s everything you don’t want to be

Never wants to go any place that you suggest
Pulls out of hanging out via SMS
Lets the whole train know what he’s doing tonight
But won’t answer his goddamn phone
It’s only 3PM and he’s pissed and naked
Only one beer left, yeah you know he’ll take it
And when it comes around to going into town, it never is his shout

That Guy
Plays shitty covers of your favourite band
Leaves an empty dunny roll in the can
Nobody wants to be That Guy
‘Cause he’s everything you don’t want to be

That Guy
Takes a selfie everywhere he’s ever been
Returns your white t-shirt, now it’s green
Nobody wants to be That Guy
‘Cause he’s everything you don’t want to be
He’s That Guy
Track Name: Denied
You wanna be my friend?
Well I don’t think so
You wanna hang out on social media? Well I don’t need ya

I got your friend request
Got several of ‘em
But I denied ya, ‘cause I just don’t need you in my news feed

You’ve been denied

You know I hid your posts
I don’t regret it
Well I just don’t need to see a photo of your injured toe
Yeah I deleted you
Ya motherfucker
If I wanna hear some racist shithead, I’ll go outside instead
Track Name: Mosquit-NO!
Sucked dry
Asking for permission must be out of style
To all my notions of being healthy
I’ve been pushed too far this time

By you again
Or one of your ugly friends
No-one wants you around
But you’re always to be found ‘round here

It’s the itch I yearn to scratch
The one that just keeps coming back
And the thing that hurts me most is exactly what I wanna do

Shut up
Your constant stupid whining won’t let me get off my toes
Fed up
With all this torture just to please you
So one of us has to go

This is my stomping ground
And it’s time that you found your own
You’re all parasites
And no-one wants to hear your name

Do what you like just to please yourself
No consideration for anyone else
I’m so sick of you
So watch out or I’ll crush you
One of these days
Track Name: Shit Song
Go to the pub to have a beer
Some shitty cover band playing songs you don’t wanna hear
But the crowd is going wild
And I stop and think to myself for a while
This is something I could do

Well I’d rather be on stage
And sing another shit song
Than stand down with the rest of you scum

Print stolen pictures on a tee
We’ll throw out a bunch of stickers to waste because they’re free
Everyone’s just here to see their mates
But frankly I still think I’m getting better rates
Than all of you jerks

Well I’d rather be on stage
And sing another shit song
And take off all my clothes and shit
And throw them into the mosh pit
And sing shit lyrics about shit and shit
This shitty song is shitty shit
I’m just gonna sing another shitty song
Track Name: CBF
When you’re not quite sure if you locked your door and you’re already too far from your car
When you’re nowhere near slim and you should go to the gym but all you wanna do is eat enchiladas
When your AGB can EADC and you slip and fall asleep in the bath
When you’re a cat

Can’t be fucked
Track Name: One-Pack
You got out a six-pack and like a champ you passed it ‘round
There’s just one beer left and you don’t wanna let the team down
Put it to your lips and you take a big sip from the one-pack

It’s your sacred duty, so drink it with your head held high
It’s not always fun but nobody wants to be That Guy
Wait, who put these rings in the fucken bin?
Track Name: Love at Centrelink
He’s a meth-head dealer
Out the back of Keilor
Got a dead Blue Heeler
He’s a real deadbeat
She’s a crackwhore junkie
She’s a little chunky
Kinda smellin’ funky
Doesn’t wash her feet

But the first time they met was miraculous
It was love at first sight for them both
He asked for her name and she asked for a cigarette
But he couldn’t stop staring at her growth

Love at Centrelink
Love at the Dole
He asked for her name and she said once again
“I just wanna cigarette, you arsehole.”

Said, “My name is Murray,
Are you in a hurry?
Can I bum a durry?
I’d like to chat you up.”
So he took her back home
Smoked a dozen fat cones
Showed her all his burn phones
And his little dead pup

And from that point on then it was obvious
That she didn’t want to leave his little den
He may have been missing seven of his teeth
But she’d never have to pay for drugs again

Love at Centrelink
Love at Cashies too
Together they pawned, fucked, eventually spawned
A little kid for DIY tattoos

Love at Centrelink
Love on the bus
Each other they trusted until they were busted
For selling dope to kids at Toys"R"Us
Track Name: Thirst World Problems
One’s too early and one’s too late
I’ll get home five-thirty, I won’t feel great
I’m just so, so thirsty and filled with hate
Because one’s too early and one’s too late

There’s not a drop inside this magazine
Tease me with your aggressive marketing
But what am I s’posed to do when I need you?

One’s too early and one’s too late
This barren desert has sealed my fate
I’ll be drinking coolant soon at this rate
Because one’s too early and one’s too late

Tempt me with flavours from your wonderland
Then disappear, I just don’t understand
What am I s’posed to do?

Oh, let me taste your rainbow
Raspberry, orange and cola
Fill me with your sugar, baby
Blueberry, mango and lime
Why do you tease me so?
Ginger beer and creamy soda
I’m goin’ crazy
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

One’s too early and one’s too late
7-Eleven, you’re not my mate
Well I’m no parts Slurpee and ten parts rage
I wanna drink so fast it’ll freeze my brain
Track Name: $12 Pints
Right from the start the appeal
Was there, the place was a steal
The hair would take some getting used to
We signed the lease on the spot
Put all our shit in a box
And hit the town for a beer or two

But we were not among friends here
And something don’t feel right
Those fancy beers are expensive
There’s no change in sight
From $12 pints

No faster way to feel sick
And miss your home in the sticks
Than taking out a loan for a jug
All dirty looks and no smiles
Top knots and chinos for miles
I need a one-pack and a big hug

If you can even believe it
They bled my wallet dry
Said, “you can take it or leave it.”
I swallowed my pride
And 12 bucks

Raise your moleskine wallets and sing
Make sure to sound pretentious
This is why we can’t have nice things
‘Cause they’re way too expensive
Trade your Dreamcast in for a drink

So I’ll just try to erase this
Try to forget this night
If I could get drunk I could face this
But I can’t pay the price
Track Name: Free Beer
If you don’t feel like going out, well let me change your mind
There’s a party happening down the road if you are so inclined
I’ll give you information that will make the answer clear
Quit playing World of Warcraft, come with me, there is free beer

So do not underestimate this opportunity
It may not be the finest beer, but it’s very fuckin’ free
So set a course for happiness, we’d better get there fast
‘Cause scavengers are plentiful, we know this chance won’t last

There is free beer!
Track Name: You Can't Move into My State
It’s written on our numberplates, Victoria’s the place to be
But it’s getting overcrowded here. It’s a problem, can’t you see
It’s not immigrants or refugees that are part of this debate
It’s the people that have left their homes and moved from interstate

Can’t you see that they’ll miss you in your town?
Seriously, no-one wants you around

Because you can’t move
No you can’t fuckin’ move
No you can’t move into my state
Well if you wanted somewhere rainier
Well you should’ve gone to Tasmania
But you can't move into my state
Fuck off back home

We love it when your city’s bands come to Melbourne to play shows
But how can we ever miss them if they never go home?
Well it’s really nothing personal, but I need someone to blame
'Cause foreign folks bring delicious food, and your shit’s just the same

Can’t you see that we can still be friends?
Occasionally you can visit us again

But you can’t move
No you can’t fuckin’ move
No you can’t move into my state
Well I really can’t be blamin’ ya
If you came from South Australia
But you can't move into my state
Fuck off back home

You can’t move
No you can’t fuckin’ move
No you can’t move into my state
Well the infestation is killing me
Surely there’s room in the ACT
But you can’t move into my state
Fuck off back home
Track Name: Shotgun
Shotgun is the word, it’s only respectable
Other types of weapons are not acceptable
Don’t call it too early, make sure that the deed’s done
Battle for the front seat, there can only be one

Owner of the vehicle or partners get first choice
Automatic shotgun beats anybody’s voice
Pressure is pumping for the door to open
Balk the motherfucker and your heart is broken

I call shotgun

Don’t open your mouth if you’re not wearing shoes
It’s the smallest margin between win and lose
A convenient option is a slip-on sandal
As long as they don’t beat you to get hand on handle

Memorise the rules, don’t let ‘em escape ya
Don’t sit around like a big old gaper
When you’re outside you need to see the car first
Follow these rules and you’ll be rollin’ like Fred Durst
Track Name: Radaxian
Please please please please please I’ll be your best friend
We’ll be mafioso gangsters, we’ll have blood money to spend
We’ll take over this fuckin’ town
We’ll build our tunnels underground

Please please please I’ll be your best friend
We’ll fly our fighter ships through wormholes to the universe’s end
We’ll live to fight another day
We’ll supercharge our space death ray

And we can be Power Rangers
And we can take candy from strangers
We’ll laugh in the face of danger
Us against the world

And we can be Ninja Turtles
No, nothing can hurt us
And we can be Super Saiyans
We’ll protect the Earth from invasion
Till tomorrow comes and you’re Satan
It’s us against the world