The Best Beers of Our Lives


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released July 14, 2013

Brodown are Pat BroKenna, Lebro Lionheart and Josh Bro'Riley.

All songs written by Brodown.
Soundbites ripped unscrupulously from copyrighted movies.

Recorded April 2013 at Valley Music and Mighty Zebu Studios.
Engineered and mixed by Brodown (but mostly Josh).
No helpful advice provided by Danny Brickwell.

Guitars on "I'm Just Waiting for a Mate" by Angus Van Bloodfart.

Artwork by Pat BroKenna.
"Vomiting" icon designed by Luis Prado from The Noun Project.

Special thanks to all of our parents for their continued disapproval.



all rights reserved


BRODOWN Melbourne, Australia

Remember that band you're about to love? Brodown do. Because they are that band.

Brodown also have fond memories of all the bands they loved – bands dead and gone, memories begging to be dug up and pissed all over. And boy, do Brodown achieve that.

Energy, passion and fun are what Brodown is made of. They rock short and hard, and then they go to Subway and get a Russian sub. You're invited.
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Track Name: Kebab
I've been told of a mythical creation
That could be the saviour of my salivation
Just round the back of Croydon Station
I am taken
By inebriation

Lettuce, tomato, onion, garlic sauce
Chicken or lamb? Chicken or lamb?! Both, of course!
Shave it, make it, wrap it, heat it
Put it in my hand so I can fucken eat it
It's worth getting stabbed
Let's get a kebab
Track Name: Roadkill
There's a dead kangaroo hanging from my bumper bar
The mighty big red didn't look both ways for a car
That poor koala went for a ride
And the chicken crossing the road didn't make it to the other side

Roadkill like you have never seen
Three pigeons splattered on the window screen
What's that scattered all over the roads?
Over nine thousand dead cane toads
Bunnies and foxes without a head
Sheep and cows flattened and ready for bread
Every time I see a platypus it's already flat
That wombat's arse looks a bit like Pat
Track Name: Night of the Munter
It's getting late and they're blasting Osker while the shots are flowing freely
Suddenly Satan busts in and tells us that it's time we should be leaving

Closing time
You can get out or get fucked
Josh is not fine
Out of breath and out of luck
Don't tase me bro!
Track Name: EADC
Eat a dick!
Track Name: Leo Drinks
Well he hits the skins with the rock'n'roll show
And he slicks his hair real cool
But when it comes to games of drinkin' beer
He always looks the fool
Well he's standin' tall till Waterfalls
Then he's face down in the pool

When it comes to Sunday morning
He wishes he could go back in time
But he hasn't done the research
No, he's no Marty McFly
Well big Doc Brown can't save you now
When you're pukin' up green slime

Well the 8-ball tells the future
And it seems Leo's out of luck
When the cards are stacked against him
Poor Leo is fucked
Leo drinks

Well he takes selfies with possums
Cause he thinks he'll get a root
But when he rocks up home after too much booze
The missus gives him the boot
But he gets back up, so we'll play King's Cup
And throw him down the laundry chute

Well Leo is a handsome man
Cause he copied from Arlo
Well he drinks from a bucket on the floor
And now it's time to go
Leo drinks
Track Name: I'm Just Waiting for a Mate
I'm just waiting for a mate
I'm just waiting for a mate

I don't know who owns the car
I'm just waiting for a mate

Are you a federal officer of the law?
I'm just waiting for a mate